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We develope and produce range of fastener systems

Irresistable attraction!

Technology taken from Nature: A silicon microstructure with approx. 29000 elements per cm². Using „Van-der-Waals“ fundamental principles based on forces of attraction elastic Gecko®-tape exhibits a high adhesion without leaving residues, not only on clean but also on moist and slippery surfaces.

- high adhesion
- residue-free delamination
- washable and reusable

- cytotoxicity of eluates appropiate DIN EN ISO 10993-5, 1999-11, biological test of medical devices
- Primary skin irritation test DIN EN ISO 10993-10
- Haemocompatibility appropiate ISO 10993-4 (thrombicytes, haematolysis, coalugation, complement activation)
- Air permeability according to ASTM D1434-82